Frequently Asked Questions

Cancer and Poop, what is the connection?

  • Cancer drugs can work better or worse depending on the bacteria in a person’s gut.
  • Helpful bacteria can help the immune system destroy cancer cells.
  • Harmful bacteria can cause inflammation that lowers the immune system’s ability to fight cancer.
  • How can we know what is in a person’s gut?  Poop!

What is Poop for the Cure?

  • Poop for the Cure is a research program.
  • Our scientists will study stool samples to learn more about the gut.
  • By examining stool samples, we can develop ways to fight cancer better.

How do I participate in Poop for the Cure?

  • If you are a person with cancer, either receiving treatment or in remission, we want your stool.
  • If you do not have cancer, you can still donate stool
  • Donating stool is easy! Persephone Biome will give you an easy-to-use kit with prepaid shipping.
  • Your stool donation will help improve cancer treatment and prevention!

How long will the Poop for the Cure program last?

  • Your involvement may last the course of your treatment should you decide to continue past your first stool donation.
  • We may contact you for additional stool samples or to check on the status of your treatment.
  • All details you provide are voluntary and are very helpful to our team of scientists

Why should I join Poop for the Cure™?

  • Because it is easy.
  • Because you would flush it down anyway.
  • Because you want to help cancer research.
  • All the above!

What will you do to protect my privacy?

We take great care to protect your information.   Here are some of the things we do:      

  • Information will be stored on protected computers and databases.
  • We will restrict who can see your information.
  • We will remove your personal information and replace them with a code.
  • We will tell you if there is a data breach.
  • We will follow the privacy rules set by HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Privacy Act) which are designed to protect your privacy